Examples for the services of Human Solutions:


Consultation and custom selection of hardware and software, that meet the client's requirements, for all areas of the hotel and restaurant industry in accordance with the special requirements of the client.
Installation and configuration of hardware and software.
Review and reorganisation of the work flow during the installation of the software.
Maintenance and ongoing support (24 hrs, 7 days a week) for hardware and software.
User training for hardware and software.
Appraisal of IT-Systems (Information Technology Systems Appraisal).
Audit of the actual status of flow and controls, analysis of critical points and closing of system loopholes. For example, handling of cash, revenue adjustments, payment process, etc.

Cash flow analysis
               Creating a realistic Cash-Flow Forecast for 3-4 months to determine any
                   undercoverage and to ascertain the actual need for funds. 
   Taking measures to increase the cash flow. For example, in the area of reminders
                  (on time, by telephone), review of the payment of suppliers (terms of credit,
                  discounts, etc.).

Cost control
                Review and analysis of stock management and purchasing (inventories in general, stock turnover, receipt of goods, stocktaking).
            Identification of potential savings in purchasing and stock-keeping. For example, influence of stock turnover on tied-up capital, comparison of suppliers, controls for incoming and outgoing goods.
Management Reporting
            Creating and reviewing management reports on the basis of international standards.
             Creating realistic short-term and mid-term forecasts.
Establishing budgets.
Review of contracts (leasing/purchasing, terms, etc.).
Coaching of existing staff.
Interim management (in case of absence due to vacation and sickness, pre-opening, closure, takeover).
Support for the annual accounts.
Review and audit of procedures and accounting.
Analysis of debtors and support in collecting outstanding balances (including training on the job for staff).
Optimisation of the internal/managerial reporting, internal controls and data flow between the departments.
Feasibility and market studies.
Creation of websites with multilingual support